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Whitening Ireland is...

The first company on the Irish market that provides and promotes a comprehensive and professional teeth-whitening service for suitable individuals.

What makes us unique is our collaboration with selected elite dental surgeries which have been pre approved by us and follow our strict whitening guidelines.

Our aim is to provide our patients with the most effective teeth-whitening methods available, in a safe and time effective manner, under direct supervision of an Irish registered Dentist 
We specialize in two types of professional teeth-whitening, promoting and paying particular attention to the ‘take-home’ teeth whitening system, which is dentists preferred method of teeth whitening.

We only use the best on the market, the number one American whitening-gel brand Opalescence, using up to 16% Carbamide Peroxide; the strongest possible strength.

We provide a free teeth-whitening consultation which enables each patient to find out firstly if they are suitable for teeth whitening and which method of teeth whitening will be the most effective for them.

Whitening Ireland

During the consultation, we draw up an individualized and tailored teeth-whitening plan. We use a method where we systematically and gradually increase the strength of whitening gel over a period of time. This ensures that the teeth whitening is done in the safest and most time effective manner. Most important, the consultation is carried out in order to provide Full oral examination including screening for any type of oral cancer.

If you have ever considered professional teeth-whitening, do not wait any longer and call us to book a FREE teeth-whitening consultation with one of our approved providers.

Our philosophy is that only Dentist can assess your suitability and provide this treatment.


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