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Professional Whitening Which one for me? Professional teeth-whitening. Which system for me?

There are two types of professional teeth- whitening systems. Please read the chart below.

Professional teeth-whitening Systems

Professional Take-Home Whitening

Kit 1) moderate content of whitening agent (16% of Carbamide Peroxide or 6 % of Hydrogen
Peroxide )
- minimal sensitivity issues
- minimal dehydration of enamel

2) Complete control over the whitening process
- possibility of application of increasing whitening strength 
- each tooth can be whitened in individual way in order to match their color (tailored results)
- whitening maintenance possibility with top-up syringes (long whitening results)

3)More natural way of whitening by several applications over a period of time

4) Initial results after 3-4 days

5) Duration:
-Full whitening: around 3 weeks (depending on frequency and time of applications)

Professional In Office Whitening

1) high content of whitening agent (up to 45% of Hydrogen Peroxide)
-more sensitivity issues
-more dehydration of enamel

2) Limited control over the whitening
- one concentration of whitening agent over the procedure
- all teeth are undergoing whitening in the same way (no individual teeth whitening)
-no maintenance possibility (after 6month relapse of the shade/short whitening results)

3)Aggressive way of whitening by application of high content whitening gel within one session

4)Possible over bleaching effect

5) Same day results

6) Duration: around 1h

Non-professional teeth-whitening Systems

Overcounter whitening strips/ Paint on gel

1) maximum 0,1% of whitening agent

2)inconsistent tooth whitening

3)less immediate results

4)duration: up to 30 days

Whitening Toothpaste:

1) No actual whitening agent!

2) inconsistent tooth whitening

3)results fade if you stop using toothpaste

4) higher abrasivity of whitening toothpaste (long term damage to the enamel)

5) 1month +

Your most suitable method of whitening will be discussed with you at the FREE whitening consultation with your dentist.


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