Welcome to Whitening Ireland!

Since 2015 we provide & promote professional teeth whitening services, for suitable individuals. All our whitening procedures are performed & supervised by Irish-registered dentists. As we are dentists, we know how to do teeth whitening optimally. All our dentists have undergone a specialised whitening training, and they follow strict whitening guidelines which assures safety & effectiveness.

We are operating the network of participating Cosmetic/Beauty Salons, offering professional teeth whitening services directly in-store, at Cosmetic/Beauty Salons.

We are proud to offer revolutionised ‘At Home’ Teeth Whitening System which combines of our unique Teeth  Shields and the famous Opalescence® whitening gels.

Teeth Shields represent ultra thin, tailor-made whitening trays with improved fitting to your teeth for the best whitening experience.
Teeth Shields come with PressDots for better and safer application of the whitening gel. To read more about our Teeth Shields with PressDots click here.

   Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.

Every 'At Home' Whitening Kit is prescribed & demo'd by Dentist, and consists of:
1.Teeth whitening examination
2.Demonstration & Instruction on how to use Teeth Shields with PressDots
3.Set (top & bottom) of Teeth Shields with PressDots
4.Prescribed Opalescence® gels

  All of our customers can be sure of getting the genuine, safe product, prescribed directly by a dentist. 

  We invite both dentists,and Cosmetic/Beauty Salons, to join our venture with the mission of safe & effective teeth whitening.

   From the beginning of 2018 , following our successful expansion we extended our offer with(Botox) Anti-wrinkle injections performed ‘in-store’ at Cosmetic/Beauty Salons. All cosmetic procedures are carried out on behalf of Whitening Ireland by Irish-registered dentists specialised in (Botox) Anti-wrinkle injections.

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