Whitening Teeth Shields with PressDots Technology

Teeth Shields with PressDots

Teeth Shields with PressDots Technology is a system of professional teeth whitening. The patient carries out this whitening at home, after visiting the Salon, and consulting with the dentist. 1 Hour whitening session a day is a completely safe teeth whitening method with an effectiveness of around 95%.

What is the procedure?

On the basis of upper & lower jaw moulds, the patient receives individually-made teeth shields with PressDots. These PressDots are mini-containers , individual for each tooth.

The whitening gel provided, is injected into each of the PressDots. When the person uses their finger to ‘press’ the dots, this action coats the tooth-surfaces with whitening gel.

During the consultation visit, dentist instructs & demonstrates to the patient on how to properly do this.

What is the effect of the treatment?

After the full course treatment, the teeth are whitened by up to 5 shades. A noticeable brightening of the teeth is visible just after few sessions. The whole course takes 3 weeks, and the effect lasts for about 2 years (depending on the diet, hygiene & smoking) Teeth shields allow ongoing maintenance of whiter smile by topping up once every 2 weeks.

Why Teeth Shields with PressDots?

  • Individual & sleek design of whitening trays based on the moulds of your teeth 
  • Come with American dental-grade Opalescence® Gels prescribed by a dentist
  • Gels contain 16% Carbamide Peroxide to provide genuine whitening results
  • Accurate & precise hold of the gel upon the surface of your teeth
  • Flexible, light, thin & clear trays gives you comfort & confidence of use
  • You choose the time & place of your teeth whitening. Day and Night.
  • Full control over teeth whitening process as your teeth whiten gradually day by day.
  • Top-up anytime you want, to boost your smile.
  • Maintain brighter, healthier smile, long-term.